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You're booking entertainment for your next event and you're finding it harder and harder to find a band or live act that isn't the usual "party band." Your audiences have heard Motown, Doo-Wop 50s, 60s/70s Pop, Top 40 Rock, New Age - or even "DJs" spinning records your guests can do themselves at home.

They've truly heard it all. And you've programmed  it all.

Isn't it time to find something different? New? Creative? And something they'll remember and talk about long after the event?

Book a Swing band - our bands or ANY swing band. It's the one music that cuts across all demographic lines. A style of music that appeals to sophistication and elegance, qualities that attach both to your organization, and to you. A music and entertainment decision that always programs UP to your audience, never down.

Music for your guests wanting intimate conversation at their table that doesn't blow them out of their seats - and still lets them "let go" on the dance floor...

And makes you the STAR  for booking something creative and unique.

Try it.

You'll LOVE it.

And so will your audience.

Rex Allen
America Swings Again!®


What our BUYERS and FANS are sayinG


"I will point out that the musical highlight came when the band paid tribute to the 101st birthday of Count Basie. Their rendition of "One O'Clock Jump" was one of the most spirited things I've ever heard. With the brass players wailing over the slippery repeated phrases of the saxophones, it created such a forceful, joyful excitement that you could understand for once in your life how it was that big band swing was at one time genuinely the most popular music in the land. " - Alan Greenblatt,   

 "We had a Farewell Party for my partner who is dying of pancreatic cancer. Food, drinks and decorations can only do so much for a party, while music actually brings it to life like nothing else. Rex Allen's Orchestra turned what could have been a sad event into a party that all the guests felt was a truly wonderful and memorable celebration of life. Because of this the band was THE hit of the party. And jazz vocalist Cami Thompson took it up a couple of notches higher-- if that was even possible." - Dr. Eric Trefelner, San Francisco

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Put It In Your Ear

 If this is your first time discovering Swing Music - the Rock 'N Roll of the 1930s and 1940s - we hope you find the experience as thrilling as people did in those days. And if you're rediscovering this persuasive dancing and listening music - we hope you find our services the very highest quality  you've come to expect from this uniquely American Music.
We at ASA believe Swing's a legacy that's passed down from generation to generation. And that never goes out of style, unlike so many passing musical fads. There's nothing quite like the sizzling sensation in your ear of a synchronized saxophone section, or the finger snappin' support from a really ripping rhythm section in swingtime. 

Big Bands, Big Ideas

 ASA is also designed as a self-contained production company, producing major entertainment events, such the Kikkoman International's recent 50th anniversary, when we booked headliner TONY BENNETT for an evening Kikkoman is still talking about. 

The Rex Allen Big Band/Rex Allen's Swing Express®

 Our organization is serious about preserving and promoting this persuasive Legacy. Beyond merely offering two famous orchestras for private parties and public functions, we also feature the specially-designed two-hour stage concert presentation "America Swings Again!," a show that draws rave reviews everywhere its appears. 

About Rex


Rex Allen was born in Pittsburgh, PA and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area.  His father Charles was an amateur drummer and follower of early big bands in New York City.  "He indoctrinated me with old Ellington and Armstrong records when I was five," according to Rex.  "I never had a chance to discover Rock 'n Roll - but why eat oatmeal when you can have steak?"

At the age of 24, he was a featured jazz trombone soloist with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra in 1977.  During 1978 to 1980, Rex toured with Yank Lawson and Bob Haggart's World's Greatest Jazz Band ("a dream come true working with my idols"), and  was a member of the Bob Crosby Bob Cats from 1979 thru 1987.  He led the new Gene Krupa Orchestra for for six years.


Rex is active as a producer and participant in many national concert tours, including The Big Bands Festival of the Fabulous 40's - a 61-city tour.  Rex was the leader in the 75-city National Tour of A Salute to Glenn Miller in 1993, with the Modernaires, Dick Haymes, Jr and Beryl Davis.

Rex produced the Tommy Dorsey Swinging Years Show with singing star Connie Haines, and has shared stages with Lionel Hampton, Helen Forrest, Helen O'Connell, Phil Harris, Milt Hinton, and the Pied Pipers.

Rex Allen's America Swings Again radio show aired weekly on KNOB radio in San Francisco.

He is a frequent guest star or member of all-star groups at jazz parties and festivals including The Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, Indianapolis' Jazz Artists Musicale, Chicago's Big Horn Festival and the Los Angeles Classic.

The hot quintet Rex Allen's Swing Express has recorded four albums, including one from its 1994 tour of Germany, and a KJAZ radio air date from the band's long engagement at the Claremont Hotel in Oakland, CA

Leonard Feather in the Los Angeles Times called him "A splendid trombonist," and PSA Magazine said Rex Allen is "one of the brightest young stars of Jazz."

Rex believes that "people want to hear music from the heart, and I think that's what Dixieland and Swing are all about - it's timeless music that's just as fresh and alive as it was 40 and 50 years ago!"  

The Mississippi Rag notes: "When he says that the best years of jazz lie ahead and that we need a revitalization rather than a repeat, the power he puts behind those words makes one want to lead the crusade."


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