"We had a Farewell Party for my partner who is dying of pancreatic cancer. Food, drinks and decorations can only do so much for a party, while music actually brings it to life like nothing else. Rex Allen's Orchestra turned what could have been a sad event into a party that all the guests felt was a truly wonderful and memorable celebration of life. Because of this the band was THE hit of the party. And jazz vocalist Cami Thompson took it up a couple of notches higher-- if that was even possible." - Dr. Eric Trefelner, San Francisco
Put It In Your Ear
If this is your first time discovering Swing Music - the Rock 'N Roll of the 1930s and 1940s - we hope you find the experience as thrilling as people did in those days. And if you're rediscovering this persuasive dancing and listening music - we hope you find our services the very highest quality  you've come to expect from this uniquely American Music.
We at ASA believe Swing's a legacy that's passed down from generation to generation. And that never goes out of style, unlike so many passing musical fads. There's nothing quite like the sizzling sensation in your ear of a synchronized saxophone section, or the finger snappin' support from a really ripping rhythm section in swingtime.
Big Bands, Big Ideas
ASA is also designed as a self-contained production company, producing major entertainment events, such the Kikkoman International's recent 50th anniversary, when we booked headliner TONY BENNETT for an evening Kikkoman is still talking about.
Greetings Swing fans - and thanks for swinging into our site! After 30 years of performing BIG BAND and SWING EXPRESS Swing music around the country, we're delighted to welcome you aboard!
What our BUYERS and FANS are saying -
"Man, why haven't I had you back sooner? Your performing and presentation - superb! A killer show, in fact - killer diller!"  - Bud Spangler, Executive Producer, Filoli Jazz concert series; Host, Sunday Night Suites, KCSM-FM, San Mateo, CA
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